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The Tank is one of eight primary class archetypes in Ashes of Creation. Classes are not race restricted, so any race can become a tank. The Tank is generally the toughest class with the highest health and damage mitigation. They are best used on the front lines of battle not only to protect allies but to also push the lines forward. 

The tank will have abilities such as a taunt, pull/lasso, leap, and additional ways to avoid damage. The choice of a second archetype will determine the role the tank plays. For example, choosing tank would add even more focus to physical damage mitigation and threat where choosing cleric would add a self-heal (Paladin).


The primary archetype will use a sword and shield. 


Abilities are subject to change. As all archetypes, tanks will be able to combine abilities to create combos. 

Taunt - Taunts allow the tank to draw aggro to single or multiple targets. Tanks use this ability to force a confrontation with enemies and control the battlefield. 

Wall - The tank uses this ability to control the battlefield. The tank will slam down his foot on the ground, causing a wall to be created in front of, around or in the direction he is facing. While the wall is active, it will apply a condition modifier to enemies that are near it and redirects aggro to the tank. 

Pull/Lasso - The tank will be able to pull the target towards themselves. If the Wall ability is active, the tank will pull the target into the wall, face first, the target will fall to the ground and then be pulled to the tank.  

Ultimate/Leap (currently dubbed the 'super hero jump) - This ability deals damage and applies a conditional effect (stun and/or knockdown) to the target. 

(Unnamed) - The tank will raise their shield to the sky, during which time a percentage of damage will be mitigated from the tank's allies and redirected to the tank. 

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