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The Ranger is one of eight class archetypes in Ashes of Creation . Armed with a bow, Rangers prefer to watch the action from afar and pick off their targets from a safer distance. No one has a sharper eye or keener sense in natural environments than a Ranger. 


The primary weapon for the Ranger is a bow.


Abilities and their names are subject to change. 

Power Shot - Charged cast, targeted ability. 

Snare - Fire a hamstring shot that slows or pins the target for a short amount of time. 

Mark - Marks a target and applies a debuff that will cause damage taken from the ranger or another source to temporarily increase. 

Disengage - The ranger will move (presumably backward) instantly from their current location. Additionally, the ranger will fire an arrow. 

Prepare Shots - A buff ability. The ranger will grab arrows from the quiver and slam them to the ground. If the ranger stays in the proximity of the arrows, the following four shots will apply double damage. 

Ultimate - Rain of Arrows - The ranger targets an area and fires his bow. The resulting effect will cause a 'rain' of arrows to hit the ground, causing damage to enemies in the targeted area. 

Utility - Tracking 

Pets - Information unknown 

Secondary Classes[]