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Mounts are used as one of the primary ways to travel in Ashes of Creation. It is not yet known how players will obtain them in the game, whether through quests or vendors, although each race will have its own specific mount available. There are a few mounts available to  Kickstarter backers of the game and are exclusive.

Additionally, some mounts will have combat abilities. Players will not be able to use their own skills during mounted combat. Combat mounts can be killed and resurrected. Some mounts, however, will have timers associated with them that will determine their existence in the world. For example, the rare dragon egg could potentially produce a mount, but will age and eventually die. Epic mounts that are King, Queen and Mayor specific are only available to that player while they hold their title. 

Players will be able to name their mounts. 

Ground Mounts[]



Gliding Mounts[]


Flying Mounts[]


Dragons are Epic mounts that will have strong combat abilities including fire breath, weapons, flyby attacks. They will only be available to Castle lords (Kings and Queens) or to Mayors of Metropolis stage Nodes. The type and appearance of the dragon will depend on the region and Node. While it is possible for a Raid boss to drop a dragon egg which could yield a dragon, it would not live in the world permanently, but would instead age and die over time. This acquisition would be extremely rare. 

Aquatic Mounts[]


Group Mounts[]

Elephant Group Mount

Other Mounts[]