Ashes of Creation Wiki

A daytime view within a well developed node.

There are currently 3 types of known housing options within Ashes of Creation. These include static node housing, instanced housing and open world housing. Static node and instanced housing are found within a nodes zone of influence, where as open world housing can be any viable location within the world. 

Claiming a home does not determine citizenship. It does, however, give the player the option to choose it as a location for citizenship. Players will be able to relocate (change apartments for example) into a different node without becoming a citizen of that node.  There will be 'no build zones' where players will be unable to claim land. These areas include paths and points of interest. 

Players will be restricted to one plot of land per account. 

Static Node Housing[]

If you are lucky enough to be involved in the early stages of a nodes development you will have the opportunity to purchase property within the nodes. These are not expected to require construction and will develop alongside the node, allowing early pioneers the chance to own large properties within these cities. These properties are finite and will provide benefits to the player, potentially linked to the type of node developed. If the node is under siege and falls, any housing within the zone of influence (ZOI) becomes attackable. After a short period of time, any housing still standing within the zone will disappear. Items inside the housing will be retained on the account of the original owner. 

Instanced Housing[]

Larger cities will have instanced apartment housing available. These will become available to players in towns size nodes or larger. Thes cannot be expanded and are less prestigious than other types of in-node housing. Apartment complexes will need to be created by those in power before they become available. If an apartment complex is built on the node, players will be able to purchase the apartments. 

Open World Housing[]

Unlike static or instanced housing, open world housing is located outside of the city or village proper - but within the node's influence zone. Places within that influence zone can allow you to claim land by placing a Freehold. Once the Freehold footprint has been placed it can be populated with buildings, farms or crafting specific work areas. This type of housing will require blueprints, materials, and tools to build. 

All housing is expected to be able to be destroyed. Within a node, houses can be destroyed after a successful siege. Items within the buildings, however, will remain with the original homeowner. Nodes that are left unattended for periods of time will atrophy and eventually spawn a PvE siege against the node.