As the game is in early alpha or pre-alpha stages currently, this guide will likely change quite often. Here we will go over starting races, classes, choices, beginning areas and so much more. More in-depth articles will be available for all major points. This guide is designed as a brief overview to help players get in the game quickly and with minimal confusion. 

Character CreatorEdit

Surnames will be optional, but allowed


There are no race or gender locked classes in Ashes of Creation. From the elegant elves to the stout and sturdy dwarves, any character can choose any playstyle available to them. There are certain advantages to choosing wisely however. While we dont know all the details yet (pre-alpha), we do know that certain races will be better at specific archtypes than others. Typically, the elven are better with magic where dwarves or orcs might be better tanks. Humans could be better as Rangers. We don't have those details yet, but we will explain them here once we do.

Aela HumansEdit

Pyrian ElvesEdit

Kaivek OrcsEdit

Dünzenkell DwarvesEdit

Choosing Your ArchetypeEdit

PVP vs PVEEdit

Both PVE and PVP are prominent in Ashes of Creation and both are equally important. PVP, however, is how the world will change. The conflict between governments and guilds will be influential to the rise and fall of Castles, Nodes, and Economy. This does not mean that a player who does not enjoy PVP will not enjoy Ashes of Creation. There are many ways to play PVE content and still enjoy player and environment progression. A PVE player can focus on things like completing quests, focus on an Artisan skill, develop buildings, farming, raise and breed animals via Husbandry to name a few. Non-pvp players can still play a role in PVP events by helping to enhance a city's or castle's defenses, breeding faster mounts and creating advanced weapons and armor. Trade is also very important to both aspects of gameplay.


Divine PortalsEdit

Divine portals will determine where the player will begin their adventure. While there are portals more likely to be used by specific races or religions, players are not locked to specific ones and can decide where they want to initially play. This makes it easier for friends who choose different paths to play together. 

Questing and MissionsEdit

Nodes OverviewEdit

For more in depth information, go to Nodes


Visit the Economy article for more in-depth information.

Getting a MountEdit

Level and other requirements has not yet been revealed. Check out our Mounts page for information on known mounts. 

Open World EventsEdit

There will be plenty of events for players to participate in. Details coming.


User how-to videos will be created for this section, if not provided by the developer.


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