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Ashes of Creation will have a player driven economy that utilizes game mechanics that allow players to gather resources and create items to buy, sell or trade. There will be regionally set market areas that caravans can travel to to help ensure a minimal economic system. Players can still opt to create trade markets in their villages and cities if it deems viable to do so. There is no auction house in the traditional sense. 

Trade Edit

Ashes of Creation will use a regional market system to create pocket economies through the world. Resources will spawn dynamically creating a diverse economy. These markets will rely on players trading between cities and towns through the use of caravans.

Example: Region A has an abundance of Resource A. Region B has almost no Resource A. Players from region A can use a caravan to transfer Resource A to Region B. They will make a much higher profit in Region B because Resource A is scarce.

Ashes of Creation caravan

Caravans Edit

The Ashes of Creation caravan system will be integral in city development. Players will schedule and plan routes from city to city to move goods. While the caravan is active, a static PvP zone is created around. Players will have to defend their caravan and trade goods from other players.

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